…where your spirit can fly and the windows are 360° wide. A place where you can work, relax and share life with your friends. Imagine the endless possibilities of thrilling spaces and exceptional panoramic views; a treasure of unique moments. An exclusive mobile loft, an extraordinary living space. Attractive and convenient – for a transitory lifeststyle or a settled homelife. Futuristic architecture, sufficient space for air and light, individual design options, high-quality materials, lightweight and easy to install. The LoftCube combines spectacular views, light–flooded spaces, cosy warmth and innovative technology. “Feel at home – even when you are a long way from home” is Werner Aisslinger’s quintessence. A wide range of innovative ideas have gone into the development of the LoftCube in order to create this environment for you. The result is a set–up time of maximum one week, including the interior. The appealing new living space.




As a designer, Werner Aisslinger delights in making use of the latest technology and has helped introduce new materials and techniques to the world of product design. In the process he has created striking designs and received awards from all over the world – including Milan’s Compaso d‘Oro, the Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany, and the Red Dot Award. Werner Aisslinger’s design goal is to invent things that will last physically as well as aesthetically. After searching for a vision of a temporary, minimalistic domicile to suit people with a nomadic lifestyle, Werner Aisslinger presented the first prototype in 2003. After receiving a very positive response the next idea was born – to make the vision of these extraordinary hideaways become reality. Werner Aisslinger and Christian Friedrich began to realize this vision.



light | view | closeness | individuality

Whether it is secure place of retreat, such as the caves of the first human beings, migrant locations such as nomads’ tent encampments , flexible structures such as the US "Drop City" (shouldn’t this be called „drop-in city“?) and the Dutch student honeycombs, or global buildings such as the glass high rise towers in the megacities…
…all of them have one thing in common, the search for the ideal ‘third skin’ – as building structures are also described in an architectural context – a place in which one can work, relax, and enjoy life with friends.
In 2003 Werner Aisslinger came up with the idea of the LoftCube, taking into consideration that the lifestyle of modern nomads is increasingly affected by individuality, mobility and the renaissance of fine art.
The lifestyle of modern nomads.



unique | inventive | flexible | creative | functional | safe | cult

A unique and inventive home – a cocoon on the inside merging with the natural surroundings on the outside. Wherever it lands, the individual flair of the LoftCube attracts special attention.
Werner Aisslinger loves to talk about the puristic style of the LoftCube. The LoftCube is characterized by the ceiling-high, large panes of glass that allow sunlight to flood into the LoftCube from a 360° angle and provide spectacular views.
Those who want to take a different route must see the world from a new perspective.
The well-conceived LoftCube concept combines the highest level of functionality and comfort with an excellent spatial scope and a stylish ambience.
The LoftCube gives one the sense of living amidst nature while at the same time providing a feeling of warmth and security.
The innovative one-room concept does without non-utilizable auxiliary areas and creates fluid transitions from living space to living space, and an almost seamless transition between the interior and exterior.
Step back from the world yet still remain close to nature.



aesthetic | pure | close | view | light | cosy warmth | valuable | reliable

Aesthetics, language and shaped materials.
Werner Aisslinger’s trademark is the combination of organic forms with small circumferences and precise, fine lines that produce lean structures. He pays particular attention to the use of new technologies and an exciting mix of materials.
Polar white, fibreglass structures with a high gloss finish create the futuristic shape of the LoftCube. The fibreglass used in yacht construction that has been tried and tested for many years ideally combines high quality surfaces, stability, elasticity and longevity. By means of a unique façade development, the designers have succeeded in using elegant, almost inconspicuous wood profiles with an aesthetically pleasing, warm radiance, which creates a framework for large, light-flooded glass elements.
Each of the four facades gives the LoftCube an individual touch in terms of aesthetics and functionality.
Transparent, translucent and coloured glass elements as well as closed panels and different shading elements create the desired translucency and circulation of air. The exclusive material CORIAN, which on the one hand is as robust as stone and on the other hand has the beautiful, organic shape of wood, has been used as the finish for all the utilizable surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen and blends in perfectly with the polar-white shape of the LoftCube.
A home for passionate individualists, customized according to your desires.



independent | movable | lightweight | open | relax | enjoy | liberty

Here today – maybe for a while – perhaps somewhere else tomorrow.
Take your home with you, a year on a New York building, on top of a high rise, two years in Dubai developing new islands in the sea, then on to China for three years to realize the new airport and still everything is in the same place and you feel at home whereever you are. The only things that have changed during the last six years are the exceptional views from your home.
Due to its newly–developed, modular system, the LoftCube can be quickly installed and dismantled. All the modules have been optimized to such an extent that they can be transported , to locations that are not easily accessible, using standard means such as trucks and containers.
After only 5–7 days installation, the LoftCube welcomes you to your new home. If you wish to move, the LoftCube can be dismantled within 1–2 days and be sent off on its way to a new homeland.
If you would like to enlarge your home, simply add one or more LoftCubes via differently sized gangways, depending on if you would like to separate the different living areas using a gangway or if you would like to integrate the living areas using an expanded connecting passage. Make use of the full autonomy of the LoftCube.
The LoftCube will accompany you wherever you go. Your home in a backpack.



bulthaup | werner aisslinger

This kitchen is set up for entertaining, with the white monobloc forming the centre for cooking, eating and chatting. Based on bulthaup b3 as the aesthetic and functional foundation.
The glacier–white CORIAN work surface forms a counter, creating a raised level between the kitchen and living area. Featured with a small wine bar facing the living room it is the communicative link but also a visual barrier between the living space and cooking area – in case this is sometimes a little untidy.
The Touch System represents pure unadulterated minimalism. The highly precise mechanism allows the doors and pull-out elements to be open simply by tapping them lightly.
In the case of the cupboard doors, an extremely flat hinge is used for the first time.
It is characterised by a 105 degree aperture angle and a sound-cushioned impact.
Cooking and creating nice food with the high-end units from Gaggenau or Miele.



dupont | werner aisslinger

Warm and cosy atmosphere combined with intelligent functional details form the light flooded bathroom.
The glass panels provide a visual connection with the en-suite bathroom.
Featured with a spacious shower and a separate toilet.
The special partitioning panel made of glacier white CORIAN features an eye catching water tap, movable to both sides, and used both in the kitchen and the bathroom.
As usual we use only the best manufacturers such as DORNBRACHT and TOTO for accessories, fittings and supply components.
Enjoy the luxury of a 1,25 m by 1,25 m shower.



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