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Hotel Suite or Resort Chalets

In case a Hotel or Resort needs a quick and silent extension of suites or chalets, the LoftCube is the right choice. Within 3 month four new suites or chalets can be installed within a short & quiet installation time.

If a totally new Hotel or Resort is the objective, you can make use of all the benefits of the LoftCube. Quick pay back of your invested money due to very short building and installation time. Even phases are ideal. Because the cube is easy and quiet to install it allows installation during clients are already using the suites or chalets.

Instead of a 3 years time before a resort can open you will need just one year and generate income when others still building their hotel or resort.


The LoveCube, a 30 sqm hotel installation, situated by the historic castle Chateau de la Poste in Maillen, Belgium.

Embedded in the castle gardens with a beautiful view across a slim valley.

Hidden 400m away from the castle, it provides an opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity and the sounds of nature.

The LoveCube is an inviting setting for couples to spend their wedding night or the weekend and also people in Brussels on business who want to escape the hectic pace of the city in the evening, recuperating during a short stay in the countryside where they can enjoy life in and around the castle.

Financial Product

For Investors, Hotels & Resorts the LoftCube can be used as a financial product.

The idea is a 50/50 win win situation for the investor and the hotelier.

The investor and owner of the LoftCube in Mailen is a private person. The owner of the Chateau pays a fixed monthly rent (based on 11 rented days) to the investor calculated on a 70% occupancy rate.

The hotelier services the LoftCube as a hotel suite above it‘s highest room price level.


The way to the LoveCube is in itself special. Especially at night when the Cube lights up to welcome the guest from a distance of 100m.

When the guests open the entrance door, they encounter a 6,25m wide panorama window with a view across the slim valley, at the end of which the tops of the castle’s roof are visible.

On entering the LoveCube one finds a wide hotel cupboard directly on the left with space for the suitcase and the guest’s personal belongings. In addition it contains a selection of wines, a bottle of champagne and a bottle of water to make the guest’s stay more pleasurable.

On the right of the entrance there is a wash panel designed by Werner Aisslinger in white CORIAN with a sink in the centre and everything the guests need to refresh themselves and feel comfortable. The WC is concealed behind this panel and can be reached via a glass door.

When the guests move from the entrance to the left, they find a double-width bath with a CORIAN border and a ceiling shower JUST Rain by Dornbracht. The ceiling of the bathroom is equipped with a special translucent stretched ceiling, which provides a colourful ambience via controlled lighting.

In the centre of the LoveCube there is a cosy textile sofa to relax on, read, watch movies or listen to music.

The sky is most beautiful when night falls and there is a cloudless sky, revealing the stars and the milkyway.

The sky is most beautiful when night falls and there is a cloudless sky, revealing the stars and the milkyway.



As designers we aimed to enable a fast and natural circulation of air in the LoveCube, set in the heart of the countryside. For this purpose we have installed ceiling-high, 1,20 metre wide lamella windows in opposite facades. These make it possible to flood the LoveCube with air within just a few minutes.

A lighting system based on LED technology guides the guest to the LoveCube and around the interior. The LoveCube can be illuminated or darkened directly using the key.

In the bathroom area we have used coloured LEDs in order to provide lighting that can be selected as desired. Warm white LEDs have been used in the rest of the Cube.

We use dimmable LED technology for all of our lighting components in order to combine durability with a low energy input and hence lesson the amount of maintenance required for the illuminants.

In order to reduce the amount of copper cables, a wireless system is used throughout the LoftCube in general, which can be programmed and situated as desired. This system is very favourable as it is possible to enlarge or change it in a way that is quick and uncomplicated.

The electricity-powered floor heating and also the air-conditioning are self-regulating and only use the energy that is actually required to achieve the temperature desired by the guest.

A B&O television and an ACOUSTABLE have been installed in the living area. The ACOUSTABLE is a table made of CORIAN, which contains a complete hi-fi system and plays the music in the LoftCube via Airplay.

Louvres have been installed on the outside of the Cube to protect the bedroom area from excess sunlight.

Both the east and the west facades have been equipped with a panorama window, in order to provide an uninhibited view of the park.

Anthracite-coloured blinds have been installed in the interior, making it possible to darken the LoveCube completely.

As the chateau, with its central power supply, is only 100 metres away from the LoveCube, we have decided to install a very innovative mini purification plant in the ground, designed by a Belgian company.