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The most exclusive and individual loft that we have been able to realise so far. Only 30m from the Mediterranean Sea, north of Beirut in Lebanon.

The perfect retreat, especially at the weekend. The inhabitants of Beirut love to spend their weekends in the mountains or at the seaside. The most appealing locations are less than an hour‘s drive away – if you are on the road early enough in the morning and come back late enough in the evening to avoid traffic jams.

The hidden location and the view of the Mediterranean are exceptional, as is the Cube itself with its extensive, custom-made interior fittings.


It is winter, ten degrees above zero. You leave Beirut in a northbound direction along the coastal highway. After a drive of approximately 30 minutes you reach the exit leading to the small village, across the bridge, taking two right turns and one left turn. You are amazed at the place you reach. You see an old gas station and a couple of small, typical Lebanese shops. One more left turn and directly in front of you is a double-leaf steel door. Behind the door: an incredible view.

The Mediterranean lies at your feet. At the end of the garden, beneath the palm trees, which provide welcome shade during the hot summer – the Loftcube glows like a UFO that has landed from another world.

You park your car directly in front of the LoftCube in the driveway, which has been created with a loose arrangement of natural stone. An inviting, spacious flight of stairs leads up to the entrance of the LoftCube. You pause for a moment on the terrace at the end of the steps, take a deep breath and listen to the steady sound of the waves. A perfect evening. A quick glance back to check you haven‘t forgotten anything – then you open the door.

The sliding door slowly opens, you step in, put down your bag and your shopping on the spacious kitchen counter. Your friends will be arriving in an hour. It‘s definitely time to prepare dinner.

The Cube is divided into two sections – the private area on the left and the kitchen and living area on the right. Behind the entrance panel, where you can leave your shoes, jackets and keys, is the children's bedroom with bunk beds. The bathroom is in the centre of the private area and can be accessed from the living room or via a separate door leading from the parent‘s bedroom. The parent's bedroom completes the private area and is located in the rear section of the LoftCube.

When you have prepared dinner and quickly refreshed yourself in the bathroom, you light a fire in the open fireplace and welcome your guests. You stay by the kitchen counter that serves as a bar and provides space for six people and drink an aperitif before you begin with the festive dinner.

The sky is clear this evening and the stars are shining brightly. Everyone takes their JD whisky onto the terrace to enjoy the view. After a while it gets a bit chilly and you move to the sofa lounge. You talk about this and that, about things that happened the previous week while the fire crackles in the background.




A bar for six people, integrated in the kitchen counter.

A kitchen cabinet with glass doors, integrated in the wall

A monitor with master controls and additional internet controlling for all electrical components such as light, blinds, floor heating and air conditioning

An additional sliding door leading to the terrace that has been installed on the side facing the water.

There is a top-hung window in the bedrooms and the bathroom

Sunblind louvre

Electrically-controlled blinds, which are integrated into the window pane

Bedroom with direct access to the bathroom

Open fireplace Focus


Bedroom dividing wall with integrated TV niche

Living room dividing wall with integrated shelving


FSC certified wood

Heat protection glass with integrated blinds 0.8 k-value and 32 db noise reduction

Additive floor to ceiling lamella windows to enhance natural ventilation

Facade with 1000mm warm white and RGB LED lamps (up-lights) integrated in the floor


Special security lock for sliding doors

LSG safety glass 10mm thick