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The temporary, 60sqm, exclusive sales office for the project developer Patrizia is located in the heart of the Westend financial district in Frankfurt, Germany.

With a view of the high-quality ensemble of residential buildings containing condominiums that is to be constructed, the LoftCube not only provides a unique office space but is also an attractive marketing instrument.

The company Patrizia uses the Loftcube on one hand to welcome potential customers and on the other hand for the sales team, which uses it to present new condominiums here and offer consultation for the customers. The furnishings and fittings in the sales office are just as exclusive as in the condominiums. A selection of surfaces, fittings and materials are presented here.


In close proximity to the restaurants in the financial district, hundreds of people pass number 40, Feuerbachstrasse each day during their lunch break. A perfect location. Banners and advertising billboards placed in front of the LoftCube draw the customers attention directly to the range of products on display in Patrizia.

Interested persons who leave the pavement to head in the direction of the LoftCube, reach the stairs leading to the entrance via a wooden walkway framed by grey slate split. At night pairs of lamps on the right and left of the wooden path provide orientation.

The wooden double staircase ends in a terrace directly in front of the entrance door. The terrace provides an uninhibited view of the construction area and is the perfect place for a client meeting, a coffee break or cigarette break.

Once the entrance door is opened, the Loftcube welcomes the visitor into a spacious room flooded with light, containing a lounge and a white, uncluttered table.

On the left, directly behind the lounge, is a separate meeting room. The natural light entering from three sides is taken advantage of. The windows are frosted at eye level, in order to ensure privacy during the meetings. The space can be entered via an automatic sliding glass door which opens by itself as soon as the door handle is touched.

At the end of the LoftCube, a kitchenette and a WC with a separate washroom, designed by Werner Aisslinger, have been installed. All the surfaces have been designed in CORIAN, which has a surface feel comparable to stone, only warmer.

Walking on the floor is also a pleasant experience. We have selected a high-pile carpet called POODLE for the whole area. This carpet creates a cosy living ambience and it is almost an affront to walk on it wearing shoes as the most pleasant feeling can in fact be experienced barefoot.





Meeting room


WC and WC vestibule with sink

Air-conditioning with self-regulating control system

Floorboxes with sockets and connections for communication equipment

Ceiling lamps


Heat insulated glass with a value of 0.6 k and 41 db noise reduction

Ceiling-high lamella windows to support the fast, natural ventilation of the entire LoftCube

LED lamps with a low energy demand and long lifespan

Wireless system to reduce amount of copper cables

FSC certified wood


Burglar-proof door lock

LSG safety glass

Alarm system